"Christe" / from the Petite Messe Solennelle JM Piel (2kb)
The Silvis Woodshed
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Christe (3kb)
christe.mid (1 mirror)

Adoramus te Christe / Jack Jarrett (2kb)
The Silvis Woodshed
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Jesu Dulcis Memoria (2kb)
The Silvis Woodshed
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Christe / Excerpts from Machauts Mass (2kb)
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Christe, wahres Seelenlicht / - While with Ceaseless Course the Sun (9kb)
Bt Hymns, 20,000 Volkslieder German and other Folk Songs Genealogy Ahnenforschun
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Adoramus Te, Christe / Some time ago my friend Micha³ Behr typed in Quirino Gasp (2kb)
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O Jesu Christe / Berchem, J. van (2kb)
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Tu dulcis (24kb) Lyrics!
Cozz Tu dulcis.mid

Father, We Praise Thee / - Christe Sanctorum -- 482 (2kb)
Lutheran Worship Online Hymnal - section EG
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